Race History

Races 2013-14-15-16
Most formidable was Marte Stensland Jørgensen’s bronze medal in Finnmark World Championship Nordic breed 2015. But we have raced plenty, almost all the races. Oda Mortensen ingstad , Terje Dietrichson, Bente Alhaug, Morten Cranner – myself…..Marte and Oda have finished Femundløpet 400 and jr.
Races 2012:
Hamar Hundekjørerfestival 2 x 45 km
Vikerfjell løpet 140 km
Hallingen 160 km (Augustus Moltubakk)
Huskyløpet 2 x 50 km (Sanne Karlsen)
Femundløpet 400 km (Marte Stensland Jørgensen, scratched at Tolga) 
Finnmarksløpet 500 km (Johanne herself)
Below are more races: and the pre race chaos.
slik ser det ut før et løp
Races 2011: (the above is from VM at Hamar 2011)
Hamar Hundekjørerfestival 2 x 40 km
Vikerfjell løpet 160 km
Norwegian Championship (NM) middledistance 2 x 40 km
Hallingen 80 km (Marte Stensland Jørgensen)
Huskyløpet 2 x 50 km (Augustus Moltubakk)
Polar Distans 160 km (Marte Stensland Jørgensen)
Femundløpet (VM) 400 km (Johanne)
World Championchip (VM) middledistance Nordic Breed 3 x 40 km
Rukjanløpet 60 km (Johanne Sundby and Peter Przybille)
Races 2008-09-10
Mostly mid distance – Hallingen, Vikerfjell, Rjukan, Hamar and huslylopet. Polar Distance completed, 160 km, 3rd place.  Tried Femund and Finnmark 2009 but both time had to scratch just 40 km from finish due to sick dogs.
Races 2008:
Hamarlangen 2 x 60 km
Hallingen 80 km
Huskyløpet 2 x 50 km
Femundløpet 400 (Scratched after 360 km due to sick dogs)
Finnmarksløpet 500 (Scratched after 490 km due to tired dogs)
Pasvik Trail 300 km (three of the dogs) 
Hakadal Hundekjørerklubb’s Race
Rukjanløpet 60 km (some of the dogs, two teams)
Races 2007:
Hamarlangen 2 x 80 km
Gausdal Maraton
Huskyløpet 2 x 50 km
Femundløpet 400 km completed
Finnmarksløpet 500 km completed
Races 2006: 
Gasudal Maraton 50 km
Femundløpet 450 km
Races 2005: 
Hamar Hundekjørerfestival
Femundløpet 300 km (Scratched after 150 km)
Other facts: 
We have participarted in Huskyløpet 2 x 50 km every year since 1997.
We have participated in Rørosløpet 2 x 40 km several times.
Some of the dogs have participated in Drevsjøløpet 100 km.
We also participate in clubraces in the autumn with kickbikes, wagons etc.