Born: 02.05.2003

Breeder: Benedicte Ingstad og Eirik Ingstad Sandberg

Recent Race participation: Femund 400 km 2011, Vikerfjell løpet 2 x 70 2012,

About: Tipp by Brattalid is a puppy after Ash (Alaskan Ping Ping of Anadyr) which is from Alaska (and has finished the Iditarod twice), and Leiah (Nuna and Northomes Rud-E. Tipp is a big, white and gray-colored Siberian Husky with light blue eyes. In his earlier days he was a great leader. He became legendary when he led Robert Sørlies race team doown from a blizzard in Femundløpet as a young lead dog experienced with tracing trail markers. He has finished Femund and Finnmark – and also run numerous mid distance races, like Polar Distance, Hallingen, Vikerfjell, Gausdal Marathon etc.  Now he is retired and enjoying an old man life. Tipp has a strong personality and likes to talk loud and much. He is behind most of our younger dogs genetically.


Tipp has moved to Siv Leschbrandt at Røa. He is getting old