Born: 18.06.2003

Breeder: Hans-Christian Ørjestad

Recent Race participation: Femundløpet 400 km 2012 (to checkpoint Tolga where the team scratched), Finnmark 500 km 2012 (to checkpoint Karasjok, where she went out. Halolingen, Vikerfjell, Hamar etc.

About: Racer ran the long leg of Femunden already as a young dog for HCØ, later also for Tore H. She came to us to stand in as a lead dog when tipp was injuried. She stayed! She delivered  litters of very good sled dogs that have proven to perform here and in other teams.  Racer is a focused and hard working dog, but not very dominant.  She can go as a leader and loves to run. Racer is the mother of her many good puppies but only Nenana is the special one, they are inseparable. Racer is a sweet and nice old lady.

Racer has passed away now