Born: 21.02.2009

Breeder: Johanne Sundby

Recent Race participation: Hamar Hundekjørerfestival 2 x 45 km 2012, Vikerfjell løpet 2 x 70 km 2012, Hallingløpet 2 x 80 km, Femundløpet 400 km (team came to to checkpoint Søvollen), Finnmark 500 km 2012, all the way. Huskyløpet. Polar Distans 2011.

About: Nenana is our super lead dog. She has participated in many races. In Finnmark 2012 she was the lead dog throughout the whole race. She is as strong as the male dogs and very confident. Nenana is mostly like her mother and they are inseparable. Focused and hard working.Somewhat dominant, no-nonsense with other females.