BEDA of Slidre Fiord

Born: 28.02.2010

Breeder: Steinar og Eldbjørg Bergheim

Race participation: Hallingløpet 2 x 80 km 2012 Huskyløpet 2 x 50 km 2012, Finnmarksløpet 500 km (to checkpoint Levajok)

About: Beda is borrowed from Siv and Trond Hansen since Nowember-time 2011. She is in her first race season 2011-12. She has participated in a couple of races this winter and been shown off at the Norwegian Siberian Husky Club’s Special Show for working dogs. Beda is a very sweet, social and happy dog. She is almost pure white with a funny Pitt Bull looking face.Ingvild is her favourite friend.Beda has now permanently moved to Terje