Kennel daylife


We feed a variety of foods. Daily: Kibble from a renowned French brand; Flatazor, which we find excellent. Meet from either vom & Hundemat or Kjøttnils, including vom.

Fish from friend suppliers, especially Kjell Arne; dried cod, frozen fish, salmon.

Bread, bones, leftovers of all kinds. Seal or salmon oil. Vitamin E. Milk powder for calves before races (rawmilk).


We do dryland training mostly in late evenings. Have tried to speed up a bit. Have carts, one ATV for use in our cabin, and cycles and kickbikes. As soon as we can, we go on snow. We extend the season and have post-race sled and camping training in the mountains all April and May.

We also socialize our dogs on Tuesday walks with the husky club. All our dogs are house broken and take turns sleeping in the sofa!