Puppy summer

This summer was warm. Since the nights were not bad, we could keep the dogs active. But the main kennel achievement this summer was breeding a litter of seven small puppies. Bamba mated with Rocky from Sweden and this resulted in seven active puppies that have been socialized, have met children and people, gone for walks, having had rides in cars, and have amused us a lot. Now they are in new homes, except the two that I keep. Since I explored dogs and nature in Greenland in August, I gave them the ususal river names and then Greenland names for some.

Qimmiq Charlie goes to Nina Finstad in Sweden. Qimmiq is dog in inuit

Kongo Suaq also goes to Nina, she owns their father Rocky. Suaq means big

Baikal Barguzin goes to Claus in Denmark – ha already has around 14 dogs. Russian name

Nya Sisimiut goes to Ingeborg in Trondheim. She had Kobuqs sister before. Sisimiut is a town in East Greenland

Danube Nuuk aka Donna is with Rman Bobits in Austria with a whole pack of sled dogs. Nuuk is the capital

Mistra Alvdal stays here, – her name is all Norwegian

and so does

Klara Siorapaluk – her first name is from Klarâlven i Svensk side av Trysil, og navn nummer to er den nordligste landsbyen i Grønland

Ellers er vi utrolig godt i gang med trening, vi er oppe i nesten 100 mil allerede, så nå har vi en søvnig gjeng på tunet.