Dear Donald (fill in the blank ….)

I need some advice. Some of my dogs are too big. Can you shrink dogs? Can you straighten their tails? Because if not, my dogs will forever be deprived of some very attractive titles. I have no clue as to how you do it. But I know that it is possible to shrink garments and straighten curly hair……so let us assume that it MAY be done, but that it ain’t gonna be easy.

Donald, I know you are not in favor of democracy. I know you like politics that can be shouted out, whoever shouts more, get their will. Voting -if it is not in your favor – is fixed. People who have a different opinion from yours, are idiots. So let’s fix this issue of mine outside the normal ways of legislation and rules.

Donald D, you are innovative and imaginative but hard to train. Donald T, you have a bully voice and bad manners but a never-exhausted drive. Should we resort to you ant your ways? I don’t really think so.

Dog mushers are filthy, dirty, foul smelling, have a coarse language and strange habits. The are not good shoppers in a trendy pink-blog world. Though, they support Biltema, Clas Ohlson and Vom&Hundemat and Troll, etc.

I am sorry, Donald, for not being able to shut up and stop arguing. I was born stubborn and semi-quarrelsome due to a parental trait.

Alas, off I go. To warmer climates far from the mad crowd.





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