Hanging on, having fun

We are busy. This season gave us a lot of race possibilities. Too late on snow, so the first race, the 240 km Mush Synnfjell, which actually went fine with 11 dogs at the start, took more time than expected and I had to scratch after the last checkpoint to get home to my dad’s 90th birthday in time. But I was pleased with the dog’s performance. Then we went to Vildmarksracet which turned out to be extremely cold, minus 32 C. Oda ran one team to finish (around 120 km in two legs) and Terje one (he borrowed some of my dogs), but scratched after 70 km or so.  Next was Hallingen, where Oda ran 8 dogs as the only siberian team in 2×80 km. Then I entered Femund, and completed okay with plenty of rest.

. Thereafter Oda ran the dogs again, this time Huskyløpet, 2 x 50 km. Eventually Kobuq and Juluss ran 300 km with a lady with skis and pulk, Polar Distans in Sweden. The last race was Norway Trail, a stage race of 5 racing days, a pool of 12 dogs. Bente and Morten ran that race.

We have also had three fabulous mountain trips; to Femundmarka over Easter, camping out and mushing with puppies, children and freinds in tents and a little cabin;  in Hemsedals-fjell in April, good conditions and fast teams, and now finally at Hardangervidda, 3 days in the plateau together with mushing club friends.

We have enjoyed having three puppies this year. Yakona and Chacko have become harness broken and have participated fully in the three mountain trips (distances 20-30 km) at age 8-9 months. They are so  easy to handle in the team. Little Nikolai, still less than 5 months has mainly been sitting in the sled until this last trip, where he refused to sit, and wanted to run. He yelled and howled in the sled and jumped out if we stopped one second. He looks very promising.

I have written features to the Bladet Hundekjøring, as a journalist; but have given up a bit on the breed club stuff. Not the events, they are fun, but all the rules and negativity. We have a lot of fun with our extended “kennel pool” – our 12 and then with Lynet and Luna from Bente & Phillip, Smilla and Calypso of Morten and Anneke, and our beloved Finse from Sheri, plus terjes now 4 dogs Beda, Koks and Nansen and little Hjalmar. And finally Tana who has moved to oda’s family for the most. Training together and racing together is fun.

Another addition to the fun is that all the little cabins near my training cabin in Julussdalen now seem to have been bought by friends with huskies, three families in addition to me and the three resident musher families. Will be very nice!


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