Femunden 400 – been there done that AGAIN

Femund16JohanneGot to finish line in the night, with very happy and healthy dogs. Due to lack of proper training in this season (too much work, climatic disaster, social responsibilities) we had to either scratch from Femunden altogether or to run it as a trip, and since we like to run long legs, we went for the tour plan. Car breakdown three days before take of almost killed the latter plan, and ruined the musher mood. I do not like to run dogs if I am not happy myself, but with support of loads of friends, we made it to the start. I have three young dogs, one only a week past 18 months. We have rested a lot more than I usually do to make this run an entirely positive one for everyone. It is interesting to see how much difference it makes. We had good running speed, which makes running fun. I love to run a team that responds, and during the three last legs my dogs were agile, happy, ate well and responded to all challenges. They got rain, wind, ice, slush, plump, hard trails and bumpy trails, and at the finish they were ready for more! I did not at all pay attention to any competition, I just did my thing. Someone had entered a RNB to my starting number, but I was not in a race. The positive comments from the finish line vet was all the reward I needed. See the nice picture on Fjellheimen’s FB page.