eventyrereA long break. Visited USA this summer. Before my road trip in the great West (and thus theme name for the puppies) , I bred Nenana to Limpopo. We gave her fertility drugs – and the result, five small puppies, were born two days earlier than exprected after first breeding day. One was very little, cold and fragile, and did not find the nipple. Despite attempts of artificial feeding, he did not make it. The other foure are keen on the breast, and keeps Nenana busy. They are very different puppies. One big boy has a lot of fur, big paws, big apetite and runs around. His name is Chacko Colorado. One girl is light brown with distinct markings, good apetite, sweet temperament, likes to pull my skirt, and is big. Her name is Yacona Texas, after a river near San Marcos. One furry girl is quiet, sweet and not as big as her Brother, and somewhar more timid. Her name is Sjoa Big Bend. The little runt is Klara Trysil. She is lively and agile, but confused and not as motorically developed as the rest, but she runs around. Just have started giving them porrige. We will keep three here (one for Marte) and Terje will popbably have Klara.

The rest of the gang are busy in their fall training, happy, obedient, hungry. Finse will soon Return to Sheri, and Tana is most of the time with Oda.

We have trained from home, in Hemsedal, in Julussdalen and in Rendalen. All dogs have had their nasal kennel cough vaccines and all seem healthy.

Pictures to come. The one at top is of Helge Ingstad, and  the son of Ragnhild Aukan, then this is me.chigga 010