Kennel Club Dogs

Those who know me, know that I have been involved in reistered Siberian Huskies for almost two decades. I started as an enthousiast for this wonderful type f dog, and I still am. I was also active in building up a working environment around these dogs. I spent hours and hours working for the Breed Club.

Now I think I am non my way out. Not because I don’t like siberians, I do indeed. But because there is something in “breed” and Kennnel Club systems that I dislike. I dislike the way “purebred” idelologies ruin good, working breeds. I dislike the lack of insight into the realities of gentics, breedning and tests. I dislike the cost that is attached to be “inside”. And I dislike racism in all its forms, also dog racism.

And it is about the sect-like environment that follows the rules and breed standards and activities that this system imposes on us, that some people take to the furthest end and make into a religion of rights and wrongs. I have never met so many aggressive, predjudist and negative attitudes as in discussions around the breed. It is as if you become an evil, unwanted person if you don’t agree with everything, question some issues and want a serious debate, based on science. I am not going to give up my integrity, science and knowledge because someone says thet there are “rules you must follow”. I do follow the rules, but I also question their relevance. Life evolves through history, nothing is writen in stone.

In the Club I am part of, this has led to a LOT of ugly discussions. Not contructive, not even for the betterment of the breed. Instead of feeling pride, joy and happiness, one feels BAD. It is not worth it.
Most of the People that are democratically elected into the Club get attacked. Some members think it is their duty to give out grades and exams for the contributions of Club Board people. If they don’t like your opinions, they try to portrey you as a bad person. One person said to me: “With your meanings you cannot hold a position in this Club”. That is pure censorship.

There are lots of nice People. There is stil a lot of fun. But honstly, for me the joy of my hobby has been ruined. I am NOT the kind of person they try to make me, and I have to leave to become the one I am. Yet another musher of siberians with great love for and knowledge of the breed is leaving.