my dogs, my friends

limpopo 002
Limpopo, young
chigga 033

chigga 028

chigga 019


etterrace 001

hjemme i skogen 2012 008
Kobuq, Sajo, Lillefot, Sapian and Tana.

Bardus © Sanne Karlsen

Bardus © Sanne Karlsen

Juluss at Vikerfjell løpet 2012 © Sanne Karlsen

Juluss at Vikerfjell løpet 2012 © Sanne Karlsen

When I meet other people’s dogs it takes a while before I understand them and differentiate between them. With my own, the ones I am with every day, at home, on trail, in the car, at the cabin, at races, are different. I do not understand dog language completely. But I know that within my team there are differences, nuances, communications and personalities that I only get to learn about by sharing a lot of time with the dogs. I observe them and interact with them a lot. I do NOT believe in pack dicipline or dominance. I feel humble and soft when I am with these intelligent fourlegged friends. They have their form of intelligence. They know what they need to know, they communicate what they have learned works. This is soft knowledge. I would say that my dogs often listen to me and pay a LOT of attention to me, because they know that what i am up to, matters to them. They are also very eager-to-please. Funnily, they love their dog yard and want to enter it once they have been out running. They like that I visit, or bring visitors, but pay little attention to me when I clean up the dog-poop. They also love the indoor cosiness of my house and eagerly run to the door. Each and one understand when I call their name, and if I call one from the pack, only that one comes foreward.
I don’t do like some other people do; call their dogs “my boy” or “my girl”. They are NOT people. I want them to be different from me, that’s what makes them interesting and mysterious. They are my dogs! I do wish I could understand more, but I sometimes feel that they are all emotions. Happiness, some anger, hunger, eagerness, looking-forwardness, laziness. They never seem frustrated. And they are surprisingly quiet……


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