good dogs

The dogs have been active this season start. We did not get a place on the longer race Mush Synnfjell until the day before the race, so we decided to remain entered in MD at Hamar. Since snow has been a scarce resource this season, Xmas was spent in the Mountains training with other mushers, a nice event. In Hamar, the weather was pretty warm and the outer sloop of the trail pretty soft, so since the distance was shortened to 35 km it was not at all ideal for my strong and heavy males. We came in third of six, so it went okay. But my dogs are actually a little bored with the Hamar trails.

The next race out was Gausdal. After Hamar, the team had a short episode With low apetite, and a little upset stomacks. They recovered qiuckly, but we reduced the distance to Half-Marathon. Marte entered with all 8 and ran through nicely, while I worked on an interview for Hundekjøring. Staying at Veisten is a blessing. The entire team – Oda, Terje and Marte and me enjoyed the weekend. Terje and I skied with the leftover dogs.

Then it was time for Gruveløpet, Oda’s Femund jr qualifying race. Due to wind and snow, the trail was shortended, but also due to this Oda decided to run with all 8. The first leg was – for the rookies – a run in a group and no competition. Terje, Marte and I watched the road pass at the farm checkpoint, so all teams could get over safely. The chekpont routines were well carried out by Oda, who ran on her own back to Røros, through the wind and drift,. arriving well before midnight. Now she is qualified for Femund jr. The dogs have been exemplary, finding the way and breaking trail both in training and race, especially Kobuq. He is a good dog. Young Limpopo has entered as a  full team member. For the first time ever I have a team of eight race dogs that I own myself. Not more, but not less. That’s nice.