høsten er kommet og fåglarna flyr


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Time for an update maybe? We are still alive, thoug some discussion lists on Facebook may give another impression. Those lists sometimes get so nasty, personal and negative that I jump in my chair and have to bite my tounge not to bite back at people….about small details in life that may not mean much in the long run  (long runs are actually what I try to get at)


Let’s be clear – this is a hobby that is supposed to give you and me and all huskies a GOOD time. Yes, I get a bit serious sometimes, as I do like my dogs the way they are and how they work for me. They are not the best, but they are indeed my doggies and they do a lot of what I want from them.

We have had a long to and from summer, Rendalen, Julussdalen and Hemsedal, and home. My team has a lot of nice holiday, as they go with me when I go. Individualized perosnal follow up for each one is my motto in the hot summer. That means swimming in the lakes, hiking in the mountains, picking berries, cycling.

Now we are back to training. We had a camp in Julussdalen recently, linked to a barbecue event with neighbours. Lots of everything you need and don’t need: Rain, thunder, sand, runs, food, drinks, talks and weekend newspapers. I have graduated from Long Distance into attempting fast and short dryland with a three-wheeler…..Well, just for fun.

Dogs are fine. No puppies for Nenana, she showed herself in heat as a real bitch and chased  her mate instead of being friendly whe he tried, poor young Sapian. Better luck next year. . …. She still leads beautifully, and so does Kobuq. So this years’ team is the same as last year, just added baby limpopo who has developed into an eager sled dog.