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It has been spring for a short while. Well – spring -? The first part – Easter, was wintery and cold. We had three great trips: Osdalen/Rendalen, Hardangervidda and Hemsedal. Cold nights, warm sunny days, lots of company. Dogs still strong and wanting to run. Faster than a small neck injusy on my side liked.
But Hemsedal also provided party, kids and small runs. Dinners with good friends, neighbour quizz and sled competitions……Lots of people, dogs and skiers. More friends and dogs at Villmarksmessa……new boots and a new neck pillow….Villmarksmessa always costs money!!!
Back home we could still mush from the house! Mid April. Work demands and neck issues made it less attractive to go far for training, but Marte and I decided to take an oval weekend at Julussdalen, and managed to get 15 cm fresh snow. Another three runs of 25 km. Good food and wine, neighbour chats. Oh- I like people!! And DOGS!! Beda has moved to Terje and lives a fantastic life there as a house dog. 9 dogs left here. Tipp is still on NPL (Norway from South to north with Sanne) ……
Back home is breakup proper. Stress at work, ice melting, slippery roads, dirt, mud, old dog s..t…..you name it. We had a little fire in the house, so there goes my new sled…it has to be fresh electrical cords and cabinet and fuses instead…..OLD house fun!
Waiting for Nenana to get into heat, waiting for the ice to go away, waiting for my neck to get rid of the nerve pinch. But life is – all in all- fine! The dogs are happy, and I am happy with them
Next years program is mid distance. But before that hopefully a lot of interesting trips here and there.