another season

vinter jul 007hemsedaldesember11 033En trett Johanne Foto Marte S. JørgensenThere has been a little bit of sledding, travelling and dog events. Syningen was good, Julussdalen with Marte was good, snow keeps falling, Christmas comes as always, and girls in heat creates some problems like Sapian jumping the fence, getting on a chain, and then cutting three electricity cables for our outdoor lights and three lines, Tipp making a hole in the wire and getting in to Beda, and cars getting stuck in all the new snow. But all in all we are in shape, dogs run fast – and sometimes too fast – the other night I was dragged along hanging in a rope to my belt – on soft new snow, no problem- around two km downhill because the snowhook failed (it just jumped off the carabiner…) but I kew an uphill wuld come and managed to stop them there.

Now we are getting ready for Christmas, between sled repairs and such stuff. I don’t need to pay expensive fees in a health club: Yesterday I showeled the driveway, and carried 80 kg meat to the freezer. Today I carried 10 x kilo kibble bags to the basement to avoid mice, and lifted the sled up to the verandah to get it inside to thaw the runners. And every day I lift 20-25 kg dogs (11 of them) into their boxes on the back of the pickup. Not bad for an old lady.