I’m singing in the rain

We had snow. We even got out on a few rides with the sled, both home and in Julussdalen. Now it is all gone in the lowlands, and the conditions are MISERABLE. We do train with the dog cart, alas. Long, even. And the dogs are muddy, wet and even energetic and hungry. I am hungry too, for snow as is found in the mountains. But too much work. Just too much work. A good friend had his PhD defense, Ivar: and so does Hege. And Abdou. Happy for them! But it takes a lot of time to finish these. My brain works on the sled, better than in the mud. Moving papers and discussion of budgets make me dizzzzzy!

Julussdalen is always a blessing, both for getting work done and for running dogs. Running dogs may be a very lonely business, but Oda, Sanne and Terje join often. Thanks for that……


Today we have closed doors. Right now we have rigged a tent in the living room, have taken in some furry girls, and play lion king games. Boys of 4 & 6 have a lot of goodies for the poor dogs, and they play and play.

Rabies shot vet. exam demonstrated a few tooth fractures, so we have booked time for tooth repair. Other than that, they seem fine. We won the Husky Club rig race and the Halloween bicycle race. Nenana iis fast.