training fall

After a vivid attac from part of the the crowd because of opinions……I go back to real dog life:

Training is going well. We had a long weekend in the mountains, first Hemsedal with one looooong trrip and many smaller (with my sister and her family). Nice to run in the mountains.

Then we went to Ål for the annual Husky meeting. I forgot to put Lillefot into the dog box – because Limpopo ran away to meet a retriever when I was packing. On arrival to Sataslåtten I noticed that one dog was mising…….so I had to go get him! My sister had take good care of him though! Thereafter we actually WON the rig race, with my dog team of six, even if they are long distance doggies…..But they have trained speed this summer. The gathering was great! Good food and good company.

On the way home, Sanne, Terje and I left early and drove to the mountains between Ål and Hemsedal to run with the dog cart. I did a long run with eigtht – while Sanne & Terje biked with the rest. We were heading home early, but alas, a puncture on the rear wheel made a long stop & wait for Falken. They are wonderful: changed the tyre immediately. But we hit the Autums holiday cueue home and it was a loooong drive. I was off for a week in Rome, a conference, some churches and wine & FRIENDS. Dogs had a rest. Getting home I have taken them out for longer distances, helped by Sanne & Terje again, so every other day we have had long nice runs. I have to work a LOT, so time is getting a scarce commodity……..I am stressed! But:  We have also gotten moose meat and new bags of kibble, so stores are full. Limpopo is a gatherer, and it is difficult to find a new tyre for the car, and some females are off and on in heat, but these are minor problems. The amount of rain we have has made the dogyard muddy – but has saved me using straw in the dog houses. I have very dirty, very hungry, very friendly,  , very happy dogs. Hope they stay like this, though without the dirt…..


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