Fall training, cleaning up, puppy harness training

Either Hemsedal, Julussdalen or here: training a team of 8 and a team of 3 oldies goes on. As we have tried to trained to start with no sound, we must say it is a complete flop. I now have two male dogs who lie down and yell, instead of standing up silent ones. The water pistol method has provided some miscommunication about what it is that I don’t like………Anyway, we have signed up for Finnmark 500 again and consider Femunden. Marte for the latter. Sanne, Terje, Oda and Ingvild and Marte will alternate for handling.

Puppy Limpopo has tried a very big harness, but enjoys going for walks with the husky club and – all is nice, everyone is freindly – in his world so far. The girls here have had a cleaning up summer rainy mess in the yard- activity, and things look much better. I am surrounded by wonderful and helpful people: today terje cama along with a trailer loadful of winter firewood for our new fireplace.

In the mean time, puppy L and puppy S play in the sofa.


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