new puppy

We have welcomed our new little friend from Tore Hunskårs breeding: Limpopo, at this moment 8 weeks and two days old. Picture entered into gallery

A brave, freindly, social and mommy-loving baby who loves to play. The old dogs are happy with him and treat him well. Other than that, we have spent time in Julussdalen and Hemsedal. Unusual for this season, we have had cold and wet weather, so we have started training. Short and fast so far. Result: Good muscular tone, barely any winter coat yet, some startup dicipline, and good appetite – a great start! Oda has Facebook posted pictures from Hemsedal where she and Tori skilfully looked after the dogs while I had a long weekend ib Risør. Great girls! Thanks a LOT!!/media/set/?set=a.116754528470053.32629.100004065182078&type=1


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