Fall training, cleaning up, puppy harness training

Either Hemsedal, Julussdalen or here: training a team of 8 and a team of 3 oldies goes on. As we have tried to trained to start with no sound, we must say it is a complete flop. I now have two male dogs who lie down and yell, instead of standing up silent ones. The water pistol method has provided some miscommunication about what it is that I don’t like………Anyway, we have signed up for Finnmark 500 again and consider Femunden. Marte for the latter. Sanne, Terje, Oda and Ingvild and Marte will alternate for handling.

Puppy Limpopo has tried a very big harness, but enjoys going for walks with the husky club and – all is nice, everyone is freindly – in his world so far. The girls here have had a cleaning up summer rainy mess in the yard- activity, and things look much better. I am surrounded by wonderful and helpful people: today terje cama along with a trailer loadful of winter firewood for our new fireplace.

In the mean time, puppy L and puppy S play in the sofa.


It has been difficult to uploaf puppy pictures. I will try again. But he is doing fine! Lots of travel: Julussdalen and Hemsedal. Completely confident with the adults. Meets other dogs with curiosity, not fear: we spent a few days with Sture and Sunnica and their 5 dogs in hemsedal, it went beautifully.


Remote. Primitive. Simple. Peaceful.

I own a small cabin. I have had it some years now, came over it by chance: on a rock’n roll party with some fellow mushers I realized that the area was “perfect”.


Three neighbours mush dogs. It is almost deserted except for soem forestry and a bit of moose hunting. I found my little paradise. It came as it is; fully equipped with everything you need and even some more. I emptied some of the stash, added some paint and a small “brakke” and traded 12 doghouses for an old Landcruiser with a neighbour. Life there is simple.

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Not any furniture from later than 1970, no cell coverage, no running water, but I do have electricity and can drive all the way there sumer and winter. As it is east of Glomma River, it is an area where there occasionally are wolf packs, so no grazing livestock type animals. What else do you need? I am – at least in my head – an anti-consumption activist. IO like primitive and simple living. Close to nature, slow pace 8not when I train dogs though) and the sound of birds and a running river. Though I have equipped myself of the types of tools you need for trainign dogs: bicycles. ATV. And a kayak for the river. And two separate small houses to host guests. I do actually have slow internet. I also have two stuffed animals, a fox and a badger, that make the dogs frenetic, so they have to face the wall.
So this summer ‘s fall training started well, with training on foot, bicycle and atv. And a new puppy. Life is good. Hillbilly is for me!

new puppy

We have welcomed our new little friend from Tore Hunskårs breeding: Limpopo, at this moment 8 weeks and two days old. Picture entered into gallery

A brave, freindly, social and mommy-loving baby who loves to play. The old dogs are happy with him and treat him well. Other than that, we have spent time in Julussdalen and Hemsedal. Unusual for this season, we have had cold and wet weather, so we have started training. Short and fast so far. Result: Good muscular tone, barely any winter coat yet, some startup dicipline, and good appetite – a great start! Oda has Facebook posted pictures from Hemsedal where she and Tori skilfully looked after the dogs while I had a long weekend ib Risør. Great girls! Thanks a LOT! http://www.facebook.com/oda.ingstad.7?suggestfriends&fsref=email_suggestion_accepted#!/media/set/?set=a.116754528470053.32629.100004065182078&type=1