Africa Travel

I went with my sister to Africa. Malawi and Zambia, the first being a poor country and the second not so poor. In Zambia we went on a safari. A luxury one, with a small aircraft in to South Luangwa national Park, an unspoilt wilderness. Ever since I read Mark and Deliah Owens accounts of wildlife in Africa, i have been a fan. Cry of the Kalahari: I went to Okavango. African wild dog: the Madikwe game reserve. Serengeti. Kruger. Lakes in Uganda. And finally my dream: Luangwa river and its wilderness this year!
We went to a luxury lodge and got spoiled. Good fod, good beds, campfires, company, even a professor of public health from Zambia.  My sisters first trip to Africa, it had to be nice. We had excellent meals, competent guides, a lovely manager; Trudie, and good company. Luangwa River lodge, and a safari company with roots in Zambia. Robin Pope Safaris.
Our guide Sebastian showed us the wildernes and bush, sunrise and sundown, darkness – nocturnals, and daylight birds in abundance. Crocodiles, spottted hyenas, elephants, hippos, giraffes, mongooses, warthogs, impalas, waterbucks, bushbucks, pukus, leopard hunting packs of baboons, ververt monkeys, and all that. He was just so good.
The very best spotting was the pack of hunting African wild dogs. I spotted them! They were so good at hunting, eating and later callling other pack members with a deep throat song, not really a howl.. Finally they rested next to the vehicle. We followed them for more than an hour in all.

Here is a selection of pictures. The rest of the trip was rural Malawi, health care and former students. Not really a dog blog thing. Facebook will have to feature this part.