Spring is in the air…?

Once more we took a trip to the high mountains where the winter stays on for a long time! Tone, Thor, Rune and I with 8 dogs each left the huzzle and buzzle of national day 17 May in the morning, and drove to Geiteryggtunellen.



 From there we loaded sleds with this and that, and climbed up to around 1500 meters altitude  past Kongshelleren and by GPS and through and over some cliffs and interesting downward slides, reached Skorpebu pretty late in the night. 25 kilometres, and a lot of climbing! I lost the team twice while taking pictures…..silly me! Our boy musher friends like camping, so we pitched tents – but due to a strong wintery wind I preferred cooking indorrs. It was Tone’s birthday, so lots of different drinks from Breweries and Vinmonopolet entered the table, as well as flags and brownies.


Two days mushing around in pretty nice hilly terrain with offpiste training and every weather you can think of: Snow, rain, wind, slush, crisp cold, sunshine……found a nice spor to set up a second camp, and spent a LOT of time just hanging around talking, eating, drinking, petting dogs, resding scientific papers (just me) and all that. It is more hectic to be a young than an older women around men, so I really did get some reading and sleeping done! Tone dressed up in her brand new glittery one-piece, and it was a winner!

Going home was another nice rund, once again hitting on to some skiers that had witnessed one or two of my great and brave sled jumps, so they offered me two newly fished trounts! NICE!!!


On the way home – with sleepy dogs – we visited Tore Hunskår in his new estate at the hills of Gol.  What a hospitable place! I visited dogs with Tore,  and chatted with Kari’s mother too, and other people passing by. Nice dinner, good dogs.


Back to town the climate had an instant global warming and work, husky walks and life in general caught up with my sunburned cheeks.


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