Winter training and snow

Oh what a wonder. We have snow. Real white cold snow, and we can train from home. Maybe not during the day of weekends, alas, there are skiers, but the trail grommers have only put in a sole, with no tracks, so it is good for sledding too. Or we take our pickup and travel an hour to get to Romeriksåsen.
(There is a problem in the house: we either do not have water or we have too much. Now we have had to turn it all off becuse the toilet flushes continuously – and the septic tank fills up accordingly. A week ago we did NOT have water.)
But we are plentiful when it comes to buckets.
Today’s trail at Romeriksåsen involved trailbreaking (mainly Thor) and dearing lake passings on fragile ice…..with a long security rope (also Thor).

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We also went by his house to mend the sled – the front bar had broken. Handymen are just all right.
We are still not too far in distance, but we are out almost every day. Time constraints.
Sajo is growing big and is a quick learner: skijoring.
The others seem fine. Racer has a tooth problem and Finse likes the great indoors. Nenanais in heat and our new Beda seems to follow. She is otherwise a quiet and hard working lady.


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