I have friends of all ages. That is the beauty of life. Many friends like dog sledding, so I guess that in the middle of it, we like being with people who share a common agenda, like to do things together. Last weekend was one of friendship, dogs and snow. And wind. Since Syningen got cancelled, we took off – 4 people – 20 dogs – to my log cabin in Hemsedal, where we heard rumours that there was a little snow.

The road was icy but definitely sled-fit, so we hooked up and got to the cabin before dark. The terrain was not too good for mushing outside the dirtroads, since many junipers and mountains birch bushes hooked on to the tuglines and stopped the team, much to the dogs (TIPP!!) frustration…..and mine too!  So we had a few turns on the road before we settled for a good meal. During the night it snowed well, so the next day was ” winter wonderland “. The dogs loved being on the white stuff, and so did we. Sanne managed the sled well – first timer…… Augustus has gotten a lot of routine. Thor’s team runs like locomotive.
The very heavy wind (we like to call it storm, but maybe only in between…?) took all the snow with it from the icy road, so after a restless night (Thor’s dogs slept outside in the gale!) our Sunday started with packing and going. Getting down to under 1000 meters it got better, so we had a nice trip even that day.
Back to town, and to PC and facebook and blogs. I like Facebook- since days of work and dogs give me few hours to be social – when parents of 85 and grandchildren of 5 and 3 have had their share. It is interesting to see how people relate to that site. Some are event oriented, and tell their events. Exciting! Some make quizz, or repeat other people’s entries. There are a few, but not many, real good discussions with a lot of interesting opinions. Some are “show off” and only tell good news. Some add sweet talk to their “like” – ohh myy sooo pretttttyyyyy and sooo niiiice……Some just tell tings, true or not true.

Some have a lot of humor (I love you for that!!!). Some are very short and factual. Some talk a lot, and some only talk strategically, with “important” entrants. Some avoid “liking” or commenting on you EVEN if they are friends in real life ( Unresolved conflicts or just don’t wanna?). Some just let you get a glimpse into very ordinary days of a regular life. Sort of ok that, too.

There is a lot of competition in Facebook though: who does that better ? – who finds the best trail, who does more miles, who make the best stuff, who travels more to exciting places, who have more friends and likes and all that. I cannot take my full self to electronic media. Work and family stays at home. For the most. My little life is not always so interesting to others.

The dog life needs Facebook. Mushing is a lonely sport. That is the only thing I dislike with mushing. And that is why I love events like Syningen or other joint training times. I like adventures! Trips, camping, mushing in various places, diversity! I am not awfully comptetitive in the trail and rtace arena, but I like being with people and dogs. They may not all like me, but that’s life! At least I can comfort myself with a few “likes” on most of my F-book quotes. Good to know that some people care about us.  Though: If I disappeared from the surface I think that the dogs would be the first to notice………I REALLY like my dogs!


1 thought on “Friends

  1. Interesting observations on Life on Facebook, Johanne! You forgot ‘some people lie’, or maybe it is in the boasting category;)
    I really like my dogs too. Sometimes I like them better than people because they never say stupid, pointless, things….

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