No snow – but lots of dirt and lots of miles

We have no snow yet. it is warm and cold and warm again, sun and rain and most of all: mud! Two carts make training better, but one has a problem with the rear wheel, so the sound when we go is pretty annoying. Has to get it fixed! Mechanics and me!!!!

My two grandchildren Augustin & Gaspar have visited, and we went for serious timberwork and dog walks. I have travellen some (the Gambia and Belgium) but Sanne & Marte have trained the dogs.
We have let Ravna get a new home as her back was still sore and she did not want to be a sleddog (actually, she has often said that maybe she is a better house dog than sled dog – she has a new home with Kathrine in Lier now….), so we have borrowed Beda, a 2 year ole lady from Siv& Trond (nearly pure Vargevass lines). She came home with us yesterday, after a hectic day helping out at the dog fair Dogs4all. We were at the stand and also ran dogcarts with kiddies. What a dog ball! Some dogs are just FUNNY looking, and some owners too …….All our dogs were pretty happy to see so many other dogs and get so many different tastes of dogfood samples! Beda has adjusted fine!
After that fair we saddled up two teams and some gear and some pigknuckles (frozen goodies) and met Thor in the woods near a lake – some 23 km from home, past Trehørningen on the way to Sandungen. I tried out my new and roomy tent (Moutain Equipment Trango 3) and we had a campfire, and Gammeldansk for my cough, and the usual dog talk……No world problems seem solved so we burned the newspapers and quenched our thirst on beer. We had 10 dogs  and Thor had 8 and they all slept nearly through the night! Good doggies.
Going home was cool: lots of cyclists and hikers and loose dogs and sunshine and hard uphills, and thirsty dogs and two ladies that had to go off and push.

Sanne has never tried the sled, and we wait for snow. Marte and Augustus are duly signed up for races, but Augustus is very busy trying our a junior-Monsen movie and maybe stage show or something…….No lowcarb diet in that boy! Not even any food at all. But we, the mushers of Granskauen, enjoy a good meal. That’s why we have signed up for dinner at Oda & Elin tonight.