seriously training

So: Julussdalen, Finnskogen, Maridalen: always looking at wagging tails and rolling wheels.

We have had a birthday passing by. Big events. Seminar and lectures and lunch and gifts at the workplace, a LOT of people. Even visitors from Africa. When my workplace asked “what do you want as a gift from the Institute?” I said: what’s up? It was glasses or vase. “Can I have a wheelbarrel instead- ?” I asked. I got one! What a surprise. But I like to move things… a new application for a grant to research council which we finished today.

Husky gathering. I got some new eye glasses. I got cake. I got wine. I got a poem from Part. I was so happy. I even won the rig race. I have learned to be strategic. Several people wanted to borrow dogs, so I ended up racing the 6 good ones, and the more mediocre ones (sorry, guys… :-)   ) went to my competitors. They ran ok. Sanne & Oda trained the dogs more. We ate a lot of good food, and Sunniva went shopping. I am pretty broke wo we just collected free potatoes. Sanne & Marte cooks well: mashed potatoes for free……

We gor scared by a few loose running BIG farm dogs, but alas, nothing happened. A lot os snow made the trip home uneventful, I just skipped the mountains.

At home we balance between a lot of work, alot of construction around the house and the usual unavoidable repairs, and training. The dogs are in the mood for running. So we run them. The puppy is growing big and naughty.

We need an au pair. Listen to the radio (Ekkoloddet) tomorrow…(Wednesday). But we have Sanne & Marte and now Kenneth is shaping the new outdoor platforms around the farm.




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