Getting there – approaching 60

Tonight is the last day of my fifties. The last week of my fifties was spent reviewing PhD articles, writing annual research reports, and training dogs. We went to Finnskogen to OMTK’s annual fall meeting. We had a small team and a cart, most people drive LARGE ATVs and many dogs. Well, nevertheless we have entered signup for Finnmark and Femund limited class. We also stopped by julussdalen and got some miles, like 50km on Monday. On returning home Augustus forgot to count the number of dogs (13) so we drove home with 12. Tana made herself heard by my neighbours and Augustus went back and fetched her. Today my wonderful handlers have made a fantastic pre-birthday dinner (with wine from the Rhone valley) and a cake. I have fixed the Dyck cart. Last Saturday I was feature in Kalssekampen, 3 pages of me! And Dogs. Tomorrow the ob people celebrate my day with a seminar. I guess I can say: so far so good.


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