Getting older but still going strong

I am rapidly progressing in age, soon to turn 60. (October 6). To celebrate this I have bought myself a new competition sled (OT Pasvik), and signed up for the Finnmark 500 Race. So I guess granny doensn’t really like getting older. If I regret anything, is that I used too much time early on to “get somewhere” in life: education, career, etc, instead of jumping into some good opportunities to do other things. I started doing fun things like traveling extensively – dogmushing – and all that in late parts of my life so far. Though I spent a lot of time kayajing, skiing, climbing mountains, caming on glaciers etc also, I was alsways pretty “focused”. Politics, studies. Though I did spend a year in Texas at 17-18, and took the trans siberian reilway to China before I was 25, so i guess I was a little adventureous. Getting older means a stiffer body, many more wrinkles than I like, a less sharp reading vision, a less reliable memory for names, a better apetite, but also a lot of courage, less vulneralbility for emotional upsets, and more money in the bank!

We are well into training dogs, Sanne and I. Up to 30 km runs now, almost every other day. This weekend at Hakadal Sled dog seminar. As I am NOT competing for top 10, I guess I can continue to compromize: on feeding, on training, etc. It is good to see so many friends in the dog mushing community. I have now spend almost 16 years in that sport, and feel like a veteran, just what I am agewise. Marte will run Femund. Augustus will run Hallingen?

I am pleased to realize that I have almost all I need for the doggie life: Harnesses, tuglines, headlamps that work this year, ATV (now also almost registered on ME!), training cart and five sleds. Plus warm enough clothes (I could alwauys use another pair of warm gloves…etc). The dogs are not the best of the best, but they ar a fun team to run, so structuresd and experienced and easy to command after all this time with just this team of 10 dogs. Only ONE is new, Sapian is still a yearling.

Tipp is the oldie; a steady boy of 8. This year more eager than ever, and in a much better mood, has lost some of his earlier grumpyness and start up nerves.

Racer is also 8, mother of 5 litters, tha last one still only 8 weeks. I have to help her back in shape now.

Suesuki (10)has a part time foster home and goes boating and fishing and running at Nesodden.

Kobuq (5) is a good tempered easy going love seking lead dog who takes no nonsense. He likes to lead with Nenana, 2, who sets the pace. She is just one great female lead dog, quiet and focused. Racer’s daughter!

Her brother Juluss (2) and the other brownie; Bardus, are back engines in the team, though not side by side until after some kilometres. They are strong boys that you can rely on, but no good front runners unless they are with someone experienced.

The one and only wheel dog Cobby (5)  likes to dicipline his son Juluss at startup…..but then he pulls! Further up front he looks back…..not so good!

Ravna and Tanana (3) are the two girls that may or may not have their day: some times they are so good, and some times they just do not want….It is more “want” than “can”. They have finally become friends

Our guest: Nanuq, is a very quick and restless little yearlign AH. But she is not in the main team.

Baby Sajo is just a baby, 10 weeks now!.

And little Sapian is just a great, humorous yearling. He can run!




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